There is nothing that I love more than writing in a quiet house beside a sleeping husband and pup while snacking on Hershey Nuggets as classical music plays throughout the house. 

This is peace.

I had a conversation with Abi this week about “romanticizing our lives”.  Abi is my assistant, my right hand girl at the store, the queen of steaming clothes (even though we both loathe it), the girl that literally handles everything with grace. 

Abi is 19, in college and is genuinely such a good kid. She had mentioned a goal of romanticizing her life. Her desire to be independent, knowing her worth and strong desire to work for whatever she wants inspires me. She has grit, endurance, tenacity-girl is destined for success. 

Romanticizing your life is a way to explore mindfulness by being present in moments of your daily life. Finding joy, love, and peace within yourself. 

I love that she has made this a goal within herself. This is a life lesson that I didn’t obtain until my 30s and here this girl is 19, and working towards this! My mama heart is proud of her! 

I encourage you this week to try to find peace within yourself, spend time with yourself, make yourself a priority.


I have frequently have interactions with people searching to find their purpose in life. My advice to you is, discover yourself. Get quiet with yourself, like I’m talking quiet. Shut off the noise from the world around you and ground yourself, the answers will come. Life is an ever revolving thing, there is no time frame when you have to have it all figured out. I didn’t find my purpose until my 30s. Life is ever revolving, just embrace all the seasons you find yourself in. Each season has its own lesson and importance, not all seasons are comfortable. It’s okay- it’s part of the process. Always remember the highs won’t last forever, and neither will the lows. Keep your heart full of gratitude and grace and your face towards the sun.


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