There is so much magic that happens behind the little pink door and I am forever humbled and grateful for it all.

I interact with a couple of hundred people throughout the week. Some new faces and some very consistent faces, but all nonetheless my friends. I meet various people from various backgrounds, from all different walks of life, and I strive to connect with each and everyone of them. It is a gift to meet all of these people, these special interactions throughout the week are forever my why. We all have value, we all have a purpose and we’re all meant to connect with each other. 

Each week, I am gifted with these beautiful interactions, and this week I’m choosing to share these moments with you! 

A few weeks ago, it was a cold quiet Thursday morning, I took Betty to go potty as soon as we got to the store. I was by the koi pond and noticed a woman sitting on the rocks, taking a moment for herself admiring the fish while drinking her coffee. I wanted to speak to her, because I felt like we were kindred souls, but I also wanted to respect her moment in peace. As Betty and I were walking back into the store, Betty stopped to say hi. I made a remark on how cool the fish were, they are incredibly inquisitive. We exchanged some small talk for a moment. I told her that whenever she was downtown, come by and say hi! We connected about the store, and conversed for a little bit longer and then we went our separate ways. 

An hour goes by and I meet a new friend that comes into the store, we’re having this conversation about the waves of life and navigating through them. This woman recently had gone through a scenario that had completely altered her life, I am choosing to not disclose the situation out of respect for her and her privacy, but my heart was with her, I was holding space for her and I was listening, because at this point in time all she needed was someone to listen. I was that person.

In the mist of this intimate conversation my friend Betty and I had met earlier in the morning walked in, my morning was made. I was surrounded by two beautiful people and we all had this heart felt conversation. We spoke about the things we’re healing from, the things that we struggle with and don’t always speak about, we all held space for one another. It was authentic, it was gutsy, it was real, it was vulnerable, it was beautiful. Throughout this conversation, we all found commonalities within each other and our experiences in life. We all 3 have very different personalities, come from various different backgrounds, but we all connected. Laughter and tears were shared along with hugs and appreciation for one another. It’s moments like these that will stay forever ingrained in my heart.


Saturday was beautiful weather, the sun was out and people were downtown. I LOVE seeing downtown Kernersville thrive. Saturdays are reserved for all day Taylor Swift playlist- it’s just a vibe. I had a mom come in with her 3 daughters and 2 nieces and they were major Swifties- we all sang together and talked about our favorite songs and had the best time. It was magic. I love how people have the ability to connect over music.


Later that day, I had the absolute privilege to meet two new beautiful souls. They were cousins, that lived in Salisbury. We initially connected over our love of jumpsuits- y’all if you don’t have one, your seriously missing out! I digress. We discussed how to ended up finding myself in the small business world, the journey and the importance of making meaningful connections with the people around us. 

I live for these moments. I live for deep, authentic, meaningful conversations with strangers that become friends. 

Life is a gift, I encourage you to engage with someone this week on a different level. Connect with someone new. Take time to listen to someone. Hold space for them. Life is so much more than what everyone is doing on social media and trying to live your “best life”. Success is not defined by the money we make, the clothes we wear, the car we drive, the house we own or the bag we carry. Success is connecting we new people, taking care of ourselves and one another. Success is finding peace and balance in your life. 

Be intentional with your life, be intentional with everything you do. And above all else, love one another. 


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