Joe and I spent our anniversary in Sevierville, Tennessee and we had the time of our lives, we spent the week shopping, refocusing and unplugging from life.

As we were driving down the mountain coming down from the “ high of life and love”, I received a call that would forever change the direction of our family forever.

Gutted doesn’t begin to describe how I felt when I received that phone call.

I’ll be honest these past few weeks have been quite heavy. I have had to submerge myself into my family and healing. Sometimes these moments feel so incredibly overwhelming, but growth and flowers always arise from the ashes, and once again we rise. 

Women are strong.

Women are resilient.

The power of love will always overrule the love of power. 

The amount of love and support I have felt within the past two weeks has blown me away.

The random acts of kindness and love and support from the community have held me through these past few weeks.

And to all of my people, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I encourage you all to be gentle with one another, put down your phones. Take a minute to connect and reflect on the path you are currently on in life. Be as present as you can with the people you love most. 

Do not take this life for granted, life is a gift within its self. 

Plant seeds of kindness.

Bring light into the world.

Do everything you do with pure intentions, do not be self seeking- as you will reap what you sow.

Everything done in darkness, will come to light. 🖤

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