Waves of Life

Waves of Life

It’s late Monday night, it feels like it’s Sunday night, but my days are off due to the Memorial Day Holiday. Tomorrow starts a new week, we’re closing the month of May this week and beginning a new month. I feel like the past few months have been filled with big transitions. All good, but nonetheless growing pains have been involved.

Balancing a small business, motherhood, trying to be a supportive wife and a friend to many can be exhausting. Let’s face it, life can be exhausting in general. Feeling like you’re juggling a million and one things, and the days feeling extremely long, but never long enough. 

If you know me, you know I ADORE my husband Joe. He’s the elite of the elite when it comes to husbands/partners. He’s my literal backbone. He’s my biggest cheerleader. He’s my confidant. He’s the calm in the storm and the person that always encourages me to push forward. 

This past Saturday, I was feeling a little funky, not my normally bubbly enthusiastic self. He knew I was tired. I’ll be completely honest, I was exhausted. Burn out was imminent if I kept going. Joe grabbed my iPad and said “hey girl, I need you to unplug for a few days”. I’ll be honest, I rolled my eyes at the thought of disconnecting from the business for a few days. It’s an impossible feat. There’s also something to do, there’s always someone to respond to, there’s always something to plan, the work just never stops. I knew I needed to decompress for a bit. I needed to unplug.


You guys- that was the best thing I did for myself all week. I’ve lived in my jammies all weekend, ate take out and binge watched Netflix. It felt like vacation. It’s the little things in life.


I had a conversation with a friend earlier this week about life being like the ocean. Our lives are filled with oceans and waves. Sometimes the waves are big and tough, sometimes feeling merciless and we have to learn to ride through those waves. Sometimes we endure consistent big waves and at the end of it, we’re exhausted. You know when you were little and you floated a bit farther out in the ocean and those big waves would come up behind you and push you with all of their force? Sometimes those waves would push you so hard you’d loose your grounding and frantically try to find yourself back out from under the water, and you found yourself exhausted not knowing if you swim your way back to shore.

Those are the current waves of life. We all endure waves, some big and some small. Sometimes in life we are pulled by the tide, sometimes we find ourselves pulled apart from the original path we had set our for ourselves. All of these waves come with purpose. The waves teach us endurance, they remind us of our strength and our resilience to facing adversity. The waves of life eventually calm down like the waves of the ocean. If you’re feeling tired, it’s okay to float. Not all waves are meant to be taken on at once. You can only do your best, and your best is forever good enough.  



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